When The Secrets Are All Told

I just returned from the “Fare Thee Well” Grateful Dead 50-year celebration concerts. I am lit up! Seriously, on fire!

For me and my contemporaries it was actually a 30-year celebration as we originally caught up with The Dead when they were already 20 years into it back in the 80’s.

My oldest friends and I are all clean and sober. We have been through truly heinous drug addiction.  We all got sober and went through the amazing challenges and joys of that path. Now, many of us are 20 + years sober. It’s got to be one of the most extraordinary stories ever told. The impossibility of the moment is not lost on me. How we all survived to have this weekend together I may never know.

My prayer for these shows was, “Universe, let us all be together in a great spot where we can dance freely.” As it turned out, thanks to some amazing people in the Grateful Dead organization, we were “hooked up” and found ourselves each show basically on the rail, front left side 15 feet from the band.

Miraculously, there was plenty of room to dance up there and we gave it our all. For three days, we danced our hearts alive, cracked through blockages, moved in ways that we hadn’t for a long time. We laughed and cried and hugged and shared in this thing that is nearly impossible to describe.

On the first night, I decided to wander into the middle of the crowd on the floor. It was mighty dense in there and hard to navigate through the crowd, but it was such a joy to look at everyone’s smiling faces as I passed by.

Suddenly, there in the midst of it all I stumble upon Guru Ganesha, one of my favorite musicians who I know from the Kundalini Yoga scene. Check out the live album Guru Ganesha did with the inimitable Snatam Kaur.

He’s there with a huge grin on his face and we share a dance together along with his friend, this truly bright spirit and Kundalini Yoga teacher named Neelama. The Dead break into “The Music Never Stopped,” an apropos sentiment expressed beautifully in this amazing song. The crowd literally goes wild.


When the tune was complete, Guru Ganesha leans over and says, “Talk about Oneness!”  We shot the photo you see here at that moment.

THAT WAS IT. It was the felt experience of oneness. We were all united as Human Beings. We moved beyond separation into Love and oneness. That is what I was always seeking in all pursuits. That is why I always had to return to the Grateful Dead. I never could nail it down until that comment by Guru Ganesha.

Are you aware that we can have that same experience together. It is here in every moment accessible to all who would seek and be open to it.  Since we are on the path of recovery, we have a wonderful chance to get beyond illusion and dream up the world we’d like to live in together.

The final song of the night, which will perhaps be the final song that this band ever plays together, was “Attics of My Life.”
The final words of the song are…

In the secret space of dreams
Where I dreaming lay amazed
When the secrets all are told
And the petals all unfold

When there was no dream of mine
You dreamed of me.

Here is to our dreams and to oneness and peace and love for us all.

With Love and Gratitude,

Tommy Rosen

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