Weekly Video from Recovery 2.0 – Ashley Turner on Addiction and The Chakras

By January 12, 2016Tommy's Blogs

I love the idea that no matter what you have experienced in a given year, it is always worthwhile to end on a high note.  Whether you have experienced a challenging year or a joyful one, I have something for you to help you finish off strong.

This week’s video featuring the wisdom of Ashley Turner is a shame-buster.  It is a look at addiction and developmental psychology through the lens of the Chakras.  The 7 main Chakras offer us a map of the energetic system of the Human Body.

We all are aware of our physical body.  Part of the process of spiritual awakening is to develop a relationship with our energetic body.

What Ashley provides us here is a way of understanding ourselves at the deepest level.  How did we get off track and become addicted to substances and behaviors which ended up hurting us?  What is the reason why we have challenges in relationships?  How can we explain the struggles we have communicating our truth or living up to our potential?  The Chakras show us so much.

Treat yourself to this video this week.  As you come to understand yourself better, compassion, forgiveness and healing are not far behind.


Sending you Love,
Tommy Rosen and The Recovery 2.0 Team

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