The 8 Inputs and Your Recovery

Your body is like a musical instrument, which must be tuned every day. You are set to a 24-hour clock. While yesterday’s efforts will have a bearing on this day, you must still set yourself up in order to be all that you can be. Life truly is a “one day at a time” proposition. Learn a lot more about this at The 5th Recovery 2.0 Online Conference.

There are 8 main inputs that will determine the frequency to which you are tuned each day – Breath, Water, Food, Practices, Auditory, Visual, People, Spirit

The first 3 are fundamental to our physical and mental wellbeing. Unfortunately, most people do not do these things well, especially people in recovery from addiction. So, often in early recovery, we must start there.

The auditory inputs are comprised of everything you take in through your ears – vibration, sound, music, voices, etc. Your immediate environment will determine the soundscape of your life. Do you make quiet time? This can be hard for parents to achieve, for example, but you can model this and build it into your children’s lives.

I have found it necessary to make quiet in each day and also to spend time in nature outside of the city where one can interact with the natural tapestry of sound that one finds there.

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We all enjoy the sound of wind in the trees, the break of waves on the seashore and the silent stillness of the desert. These sounds have a profound healing effect on our nervous system. It turns out we actually need the natural environment.

And music of course has a powerful emotional effect upon us. Everyone should have the right to listen to whatever they are drawn to AND you should understand what the effects are of the music you choose.

Visual inputs are powerful as well. What you consume through your eyes leaves an imprint. Your media, books, TV, computer, smart phones are delivering powerful messages to you. Ask yourself, how do I feel when I consume this particular show or that news segment, or this web site, etc.

I feel very good when I watch or listen to spiritually based teachings. I am immediately reminded of what’s most important and I am put at ease. It can cut through negative thinking right away. Seriously, this works for me almost every time. So giving myself plenty of opportunities to do this is a regular practice in my life.

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The people in your life will also have an effect on your attunement. As the old adage says, “You can tell a lot about a person by the company they keep.” Truer words never spoken.

We need to surround ourselves with positive people. We simply must be around folks who are trying to work out their challenges rather than continuing behaviors that keep them stuck.

When we are around family or friends or clients who do happen to be stuck, we are going to have to strike a balance. We want to be helpful, loving and supportive without getting dragged down. We will need to learn how to protect ourselves and to set healthy boundaries.

Then there are the spiritual inputs, all the unseen and unexplainable forces that are working in our lives. I have found that it is important to recognize that there does seem to be a certain kind of mysterious rhythm to things even if I cannot explain it.

I have also found it useful to know that there is a way of being both in and out of alignment with this rhythm and that I actually do have machinery within me that can tell the difference.

Most importantly, there are practices I can do to put myself in alignment and so, there is a great power and responsibility that I have. AND SO DO YOU.

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I am sending each of you Love and Strength on your amazing path of Recovery.
–Tommy Rosen