Addiction is Treatable…So, treat it.

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One of the tragic side effects of addiction is that it renders you incapable of seeing your dreams come true.

It replaces enthusiasm with fantasy.

I always felt like I had a lot of potential. People used to tell me that. And it would bother me because I didn’t know how to tap into it.

Here’s a way to access wisdom and inspiration.

Now, I understand that I had a condition called addiction and it sapped me for years of my ability to see things through and to create anything of much value.

What does it take to go from thought to reality? Strategy. Energy. Support. Confidence. Humility. These assets must be developed on purpose. You have to want them and work to get them.

One of my favorite quotes comes from Sri Ramakrishna, “Seek illumination like a man whose hair is on fire seeks a pond.”

This is how we must treat addiction.

I’m writing now to make you aware of one step you can take, which can move you closer to your potential.

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See you at The Conference

In Love and Gratitude,

Tommy Rosen