A Vision Beyond Your Own Confinement

I’m writing to you as I fly to Chicago for the final 3 concerts The Grateful Dead may ever perform. I take the declaration of finality with a grain of salt. I’m remembering now the Rolling Stones announcing their final concert performances back in 1984. Hah!

Who knows? Perhaps these will be the final shows. And what a way to go out, over Independence Day Weekend with 60,000 people who are united in the bliss of song, dance and community.

It has truly been a long strange trip with this band. The Grateful Dead’s music was the backdrop to my coming of age. It was there with me when I experienced my highest highs and my lowest lows.

Emerging out of addiction 24 years ago, I wondered if the music would still have its impact, power and bring as much joy as when I experienced it in a variety of drug-induced altered states. Actually, It would end up being more important to my life and recovery than I ever could have imagined.

I wrote in my book: “I have known and heard about many people who are similar to me but who never find their own version of the Grateful Dead. These people often try to kill themselves because they are not graced with a vision beyond their confinement. My parents felt that the Grateful Dead universe was somehow responsible for my addiction. Actually, I think the Grateful Dead saved my life.”

I believe we must all have a vision beyond our own confinement. We must be able to shoot for something extraordinary in life. It just has to be and perhaps even more so for those of us on a path of recovery from addiction.

If you feel stuck, you need to understand that we have all felt that way at different intervals in our lives. What can you do about it?

You can engage in practices such as yoga and meditation. You can work with teachers, mentors, therapists and sponsors. You can change your diet, work on your physical health, your relationships and on finding your own sacred mission.

And you have to experience bliss along the way. How do you access bliss? You connect with a vision beyond your own confinement.

It can be as simple as an organic green smoothie that you whipped up yourself. It can be the result of hugging a loved one or your children or seeing some live music that you love. And let’s not forget a simple walk in nature. Bliss is there for the receiving. So this independence day, go out and receive it.

We are infinite spirits compressed down into these little bodies. Of course it is going to be uncomfortable. That is why it is so important to touch the spirit within and without each day and remind ourselves of what we truly are.

Happy Independence Day! May you be graced with a vision beyond your own confinement and live in free-flowing spontaneity peace and Love.

With Love and Gratitude,

Tommy Rosen


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