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Recovery 2.0 is all about sharing the gifts of yoga and meditation with people in recovery from addictions and with others who desire to get past any hurdle that stands between them and their happiness.  On this site you will find blogs, videos and other resources meant to help you with the challenges you face on your path.  Use what works for you and leave the rest.  Please note that if you are already on a path of recovery, please look at this site as a supplement to the great work you are already doing.  If you are new to recovery or just want to find some new ways to learn and grow, hopefully you will find something of use here that will inspire you to a deeper understanding of YOU.

Yoga and Meditation are a big part of the reason I have been able to overcome great hurdles and rise out of the dis-ease of addiction. I have found that there is a place beyond addiction even for serious addicts and alcoholics. It is possible to heal fully and transcend it altogether, but it requires patience, diligence, an openness of mind and a willingness to shoot for it even when most people in the field do not believe it is possible.  In my case, I required additional tools, guides and technologies to get deep enough into my body, mind, and spirit to move through the terrible stuck-ness I was still feeling even after years of recovery work.

I believe that to live happy, joyous and free is your birthright.  AND I know just how challenging it can be to claim that.  If you have ever felt stuck, maybe even for long periods of time, do not despair.  There is a way through all blocks.

I founded Recovery 2.0 to provide the specific tools, which have made the difference in my recovery and my life.   It is my great hope that these will be useful to you as you walk your own unique path of recovery.  Remember, Recovery 2.0 is not intended to replace an already existing path you may be on.  It is meant to be supplemental.  Work your program, whatever it may be, to the best of your ability.

Tommy Rosen is a yoga teacher with 20 years of recovery who lectures and runs classes, retreats and workshops for people in recovery.