What is the Right Question?

There’s comes a point in recovery where you no longer wonder if you are going to be sober or not.  You know that for that one day you are going to be sober; that come what may you are aligned with your heart’s desire to feel everything – the joy as well as the pain of living as you. The first time you realize this, on that day, your principal question will shift. Where you once asked, “How will I get through this day?”, you will now ask, “How will I get through this day excellently?”  The simple act of asking a new question will change you. Personal transformation/Recovery is like this.  The longer I stay sober, the more I realize that the questions matter more than the answers.  The exercise of writing down the questions you would like to answer this year is among the most profound things you can do.  You might even choose to share some of your questions with others thereby enrolling them in your process of personal growth and achievement this year.

When it comes to Recovery 2.0, I have a lot of big questions.

What can I do to better serve the needs of people in Recovery around the world?  How can I encourage more people to work the 12 Steps, to practice yoga, meditation and thrive in their recoveries? Should I build a membership web site?  Offer Online Education Modules? Continue to offer Recovery 2.0 Conferences? What is needed?

On a more personal note, I am asking things like how can I maintain balance better than I did last year?  How can I show up better in all my relationships?  How can I deepen my mind-body practices?  How can I learn the guitar? How can I become the best tennis player I possibly can be?  How can I access states of consciousness that will help me to serve better?  Of course, in asking a question, we do not know the answer, but simply by asking it are we drawn along the path of our destiny into our next step and the next version of ourself.

May your 2014 be filled with the right questions.

2 responses to “What is the Right Question?”

  1. I would like to know from you Tommy, how did you start? Just do yoga and it will all fall into place?

  2. Tommy
    I heard you on winter wellness today and wished so badly that I would be able to access your book now. Everything you said resonated with me and I want to get started now but I did not find even any articles or little pieces on your website to use until your book comes out. Did I miss it?

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