The Power of Having a Teacher or Many!

wellnessAs I reflect on my 22 years of recovery from addiction, I have to thank the countless people who have given me this life.  These are my wife, family members, friends, sponsors, therapists, yoga and meditation teachers and “strangers”.  These people have made it possible for me to grow and to learn.  Some of them I have never met.  They have spoken or written something that I heard or read and it moved me.  It never ceases to amaze me how a poet like Rumi who lived 800 years ago could write things that have penetrated all the way to my soul, which are so relevant they may as well have been written yesterday.  It is also a blessing for us all that some of today’s teachers who are still alive are accessible.

A group of these people are going to present powerful ideas at the upcoming FREE conference called The Winter of Wellness.  Some of the people who will be presenting are: Joan Borysenko, Bernie Siegel, John & Ocean Robbins, David Wolfe, John Gray, Dawson Church.  I, too, will be presenting at this conference.  Of course, I’ll be talking about addiction and thriving in recovery.

The summit lasts for 60 days.  You can check in and out as you desire.  It is all free and there will be a lot of great information and inspiration passed along.  So, take a moment to Sign Up Today and reap the benefits of connecting with these teachers who have so much to give.

ALSO, I will be mentioning a VERY special offer regarding the recent Recovery 2.0 Conference, so tune in to my talk if you are moved to do so.

I am sending you Love and Gratitude from this sometimes difficult, yet quite often wonderful pathway through life.

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  1. I’m looking forward to your Recovery 2.0 Conference and I will mention it to my women’s AA group where I will be taking a cake this month for 34 years sobriety. I expanded on AA’s Step 11 which was the start of my spiritual journey, ACIM, Marianne Williamson’s lectures and trips to Egypt & India, Michael Beckwith at Agape, Byron Katie and many other spiritual speakers and authors. I did Yoga for awhile but was badly injured from a stretch (torn tissues of the sits bone) and had to stop. It has transformed my life.
    Eileen Latham

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