Recovery 2.0: The Issues are in our Tissues

The energy of addiction and all its causes lives in the body and mind.  It is with us all the time until we do the physical work necessary to get it out of our tissues.  This requires more than simply putting down drugs and alcohol or the addictive behavior we are struggling with.  It will be necessary to employ a proven path of recovery such as The 12 Steps in order to help us recover from the addiction. This then allows us to pursue a deeper physical and energetic detoxification of the body and mind, which is brought about through the practice of Yoga and meditation. This process is called Recovery 2.0 and this site is devoted to it.

The 12 Steps are an incredibly effective tool to overcome addiction.  If one follows these steps to the best of one’s ability, good things tend to happen.  However, what has been lacking in the 12-step approach is specific instruction on how to connect to the physical body through movement and breath.  The steps do not provide information about diet, cleansing, exercise, sweating, breathing or about how to tap into the infinite pharmacy within – our endocrine system.  Through powerful yoga sets and meditations, Recovery 2.0 focuses on these aspects of being human.  It seeks to provide key insights for people in recovery about the Human body – how to use it and how to take care of it.  Please enjoy the site and take advantage of all that is provided here.  If you find anything here confusing, please email me.  If you find anything offensive, please disregard it.  If you find anything helpful, please use it.

Please Note the following two disclaimers:

a)  Recovery 2.0 is not meant to change the 12-Step program, the steps themselves, in any way.  The steps already work to help people overcome addiction.  Recovery 2.0 will help to strengthen one’s recovery even further by adding important information and education to the recovery process.

b) Recovery 2.0 is not meant to be a replacement for someone’s recovery program.  It is meant to be supplemental only, so work your program!

Love and Strength to you on your path,

Tommy Rosen

6 responses to “Recovery 2.0: The Issues are in our Tissues”

  1. Hi Tommy,
    I am living in Dublin and i am also a yoga teacher .i found you through the daily love site ,just minutes before i found the email my 21 year old daughter just told me she went to her first AA Meeting today ,i was very happy .
    I really enjoyed reading your stuff and i spent 10 years working the steps before finding yoga ,and i had forgotten for years I wanted to do something like you are doing .About 5 years ago i remember ringing a treatment centre (Rehab) and asked could i teach yoga to recovering addicts but they already had a yoga teacher so i just left it there .
    Now i am thinking i could put a class one on in the studio .wow.
    Its great to make the connection and the timing was incredible and prompted me to email.
    All the best ,hope you are having a super day .
    Dublin Ireland

  2. Exciting stuff this Kundalini yoga. Been clean 13 years, yoga/meditation my supplement to 12 steps. Teaching yoga for 10, but only recently discoverd kundalini………WOW. Amazing results, literaly feel myself being held up by divine energy. Pretty isolated out here in NZ as far as kundalini yoga goes but usuing technology to bridge the distance. Once I’ve learnt enough hope to introduce an addiction class in my city. Thanks for your inspiration.
    Sat Nam

  3. I signed up and paid for the entire conference. I wonder if you could tell me in what format will the recordings of the interviews be sent to me and approximately how long after the conference could I expect to receive the material?
    As someone who is involved in the field of recovery, I am very excited about the potential of this conference as a teaching tool for my clients. I am the Program Director of a 31 bed recovery center in San Jose California and love the presentation you have put together. Thanks for your commitment to a life of sobriety! Respectfully, Dave Thorne, NAADAC, CAADAC, RAS

    1. Hi David,

      I’m in a completely diffent recovery mindset being the mother of a 13 year old child with autism, however, I am wondering if you might be interested in a brief 30 minute interview. via phone?

  4. Hello,
    I bought the conference(so great!) and shortly after received the downloadable file. Unfortunately, since then we have had computer issues and all e-mails were permanently deleted. Could you please re-send the file?

    Diana Howell

  5. Tommy ,
    my friend John Prescott wishes to attend your free 2.0 recovery coming up. I cannot remember if I signed him up!! meant to… His email address is He is in AA and we moderate together…
    Please send him a link where he can sign himself up … thank you tommy for these fantastic conferences.. would not dare miss one…
    Kelti Rowell
    Oklahoma City
    405 633 6156 Central Time

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