8 Things You Can Do To Overcome Addiction

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  1. I need to be whole…I’m losing at trying to do this by myself…I need help,but I don’t want it to be public…just yet.

    1. Hi Linda,
      Do keep trying and do be patient. Yoga can be a great asset in overcoming addiction, although it should be paired with therapy or 12 step group work. I have found the process of attending SMART recovery meetings valuable and confidential. Do seek help from others because there is so much to learn often in unexpected ways and so many willing to help you,
      Good luck.

  2. Hi Tommy,

    Ever so thankful I came across your blog and your work via “The Daily Love.” I live in Broomfield, CO and work in the DUI integrated treatment court for Boulder County as a Licensed Professional Counselor and Addiciton Counselor. One of the amazing things I get to do is teach yoga to two of my groups a week. I started doing that 2 years ago and only have been practicing yoga for 4 years now. So I am still in blooming stages of my own yoga and teaching abilities (at 47 years of age). I love that you are connecting the work of yoga with addiction recovery from your own life experience and recovery. Thank you for sharing your posts and thoughts as I will likely follow to feed my own process. And also will be glad to have continued inspiration! Thank you!!! Kindest Regards ! Jennifer

  3. Tommy, i watch and listen to your little speech and instantly something in me says this guy speaks from the heart, inspiring, Thank You

  4. Tommy, My name is Melody, 13 yrs ago a back surgeon basically took my life, he took out half of my back and failed to fix me. I felt as though I was thrown to the curb, and left to die, all I had were drugs for my pain, lots of drugs, lots of pain. Three yrs ago God led me to Kundalini and meditation, and can proudly say that it’s been two years now. My detox off medication was very hard, I ended up on life support due to pain patches which stopped my breathing. It was both the Yoga and meditation that kept me alive,, and today my life’s journey is to “pay it forward”, to help others to get to this place of peace and freedom.. I was just told that my Yoga and Kundalini practice will now be a part f recovery in the facility that I will be working very soon. I could not do this without you, you have changed and helped so many lives and words cannot express my gratitude to you. Thank You…. Namaste`

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